Monday, 21 January 2013

Little sticker haul

I'm alone and bored on the train home, so I thought I'd show off my little haul of stickers I picked up while in the big city of St. Albans.

Though smaller than my "local" paperchase (nothing is local when the nearest city is 40 minutes away) the St. Albans one seemes to be able to cram as much, if not more, stock into their tiny square footage! As every good starioneer does (stationery + buccaneer = stationery pirate!) I instantly scoped out the sale items; amongst which were these cute stickers. 5 sets of cats might be a bit much, but I gave away my only set of panda stickers & you never know when you'll need to spread the cute... plus, I like cats. The hedgehogs and foxes are for my mum, as gentle encouragement to use her mini Identity. She also lost 5lbs this week at fat club, so she deserves a non-chocolate based reward. Hopefully my weigh-in tomorrow will justify the mini splurge I've had this weekend (thank you ebay).

How do you like to use your stickers? Decoration, rewards, or willy-nilly because stickers are just plain awesome? I'd love to know :)

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