Monday, 7 January 2013

Small additions

While this stationary thing may be getting a touch out of hand, I try to never make a purchase without purpose.

I've been looking for a friction pen for a few weeks now, but I refuse to pay the price WHSmith were asking for. Strangely enough, WHSmiths had them for over £1 more than the local independent stationery shop. It pays to look around sometimes.

The Stabilo Lighter pencil will be used to highlight anything written with my fountain pen as, for some reason, my highlighter pens erase the ink quite effectively.

The lovely arrow page markers are from WHSmith. I wanted a way to mark separate projects in my A5 Kendal, but didn't want to commit to labelling anything as the turnover is pretty quick. These cute little arrows clip nicely onto the edge of my page, marking the start of each project. Hopefully, because they're not made of metal, they won't damage the pages I attach them to.

I wish I had these things when I was researching for my dissertation. I would have wasted a lot less paper.

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