Sunday, 6 January 2013

My Week #1

Apologies for the ugly photo, I've not quite perfected the art of capturing text on camera.

This week has been a game of two halves; I was lucky enough to have my incredibly gorgeous boyfriend over for new years, so all I wanted to do was spend time with him at the start of the week. Once he went back home, it was business as usual for me and Jeremy.

I've shopped a LOT this week. Ebay seems to be my way of fighting the post-Christmas blues, so all my gadgets are getting new cases (especially my phone after I dented its screen protector!) and I have a pretend Brompton on the way, the filofax not the folding bike.

As you can see I've gone with a transparent ruler. It's working out really well; I don't have to constantly flip it over when trying to view my week, and it's thinner than the vintage black one I was using previously.

Hopefully next week will have a touch more order to it. I plan on trying out Timeboxing for a few design projects I'm attempting at the moment, and maybe a to do/appointments split similar to The Storage Studio. This will be my first full year with a filofax, so there's plenty opportunities to experiment!

See you next Sunday :)

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