Thursday, 14 February 2013

A way to a girl's heart is through her organisational system... far more romantic than it sounds.

I hope you've all had a good Valentines Day, whether you're showing your love to your other half or those around you.

I had my Valentines gift a few days ago when by lovely Boyfriend visited. Apparently he couldn't wait until today to see my reaction. I bet you can guess what he got me...

The wonderful, and insanely supportive, ninja lurked around my blog and ordered me the exact binder I've been coveting for weeks! I didn't drop a single hint, I swear! We both think (and hope that this addition to my collection will help me make my way into the creative industry I'm trained for.

The best thing about the A4 zipped Metropol with handles, is the transformation it makes from unsuspecting portfolio...


Into buiseness ready briefcase using the snazzy handles which are ticked away in the side pockets...


Now for something completely related: More pictures!

Zipped edge

Inside Left: So much room for activities!... and business documents of course.

Inside Right: Everything in one place is the key to this filofax; Notes, info and examples of work.

Single elasticated pen loop, perfect for a Bic four colour or Frixion pen.

It may seem like a nerdy present, but I love it! I'm a very lucky girl :)

Happy Valentines Day Xx


  1. It's not nerdy if you LOVE it! I got my husband a gym bag for Valentine's Day. My kids said "how unromantic" but he loved it. He's very practical and it was just what he wanted.

    Tell your boyfriend, "Good job!"

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