Monday, 4 February 2013

February's 365/30: 4/28 Today would be so much better if yesterday I had...

4. Today would be so much better if yesterday I had... 

...gone to bed earlier.

One problem I have, as you can probably tell from the time stamps on most of my posts, is that I am unable to go to bed early.

I've never really had a bed time, even when I was in school I'd rather stay up and read a book (this was well before I owned a laptop) than go to sleep when I was supposed to. As a result of this I am almost always tired/groggy. Luckily I've developed a taste for strong black coffee so I can at least appear to function as a normal human being.

I've gotten better at regular sleeping this past year (by regular I mean 5 hours+) but my body clock is shifter over by about 4 hours; I go to bed normally around 2am and function best if I don't get up before 9am. See? It's the regular 7 hours, just moved over by a few.

I really wish I could go to bed earlier, but late at night is the only time of day I really have to myself when I don't have to worry about being disturbed while reading, blogging, or ogling other peoples planners on-line :p

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