Thursday, 28 February 2013

February's 365/30: 28/28 Review of the month

28. Review of the month

February has been a weird old month; everything happening whilst feeling like nothing was getting done.

My 365/30 challenge went to pot, as you can probably tell by my lack of posts on the subject and the recent spate of spam posts as I tried to catch up. I did intend to complete them all but after the 14th, the topics began to become date specific, and I didn't want to fill your subscription boxes with terrible rush-written posts.

Out of my two goals for the month I have at least partly achieved one. I've managed to get myself a design client who is willing to pay me for my services! I was starting to think that there wasn't anyone left who appreciated and understood the amount of work needed to bring ideas to digital-life. Thankfully I was wrong. If I nail this project, hopefully I will be able to get more work with other local businesses. Thanks to my A5 Metropol, I am (so far) completely on top of expenses, notes, time sheets, everything I might need to keep me ahead of any deadlines coming my way. £15 well spent there!

As for everything else this month; I've gotten considerably better at driving and will hopefully be booking my test for early Appril. I've also lost a stone! Whether it's showing or not, I can't tell. The pecemstic fat-girl within me is saying that it won't even show after three stone... but I'll shut her up with loads of fruit and roast vegetables!

Hopefully March will be better for keeping on top of blog posts, which I have been neglecting lately.

It's also mine, and my Boyfriend's four year anniversary in March, so there will be love, happiness and good moods all 'round :)

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