Monday, 18 February 2013

February's 365/30: 8/28 My favourite apps are...

8. My favourite apps are...

My staple of favourit eapps changes regularly depending on my needs. Right now I rely on the obligatory social networking apps; twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc. But there are a few which I find myself returning to time and time again.

Colour Note
Despite owning a filofax which I am surgically attached to and fill with todo lists, I forget some most things I need to remember. Colour Note has been my digital savour for over two years now; its useful options for check lists allowing me to jot down anything I remember to remember.

The reminders are where this app truly shines, giving me the option to remind myself any time of day, with repeating reminders for bills. This app has saved my brain many times. Available on Android with widgets. Free!

Slimming World
 While I have many problems with this app (glitchy, constant crashes, lacking in basic search functions & bar code scanner, terrible database) I have found it to be essential in helping me keep track of my "syns" while out and about. If you are a paying member of Slimming World you will be able to sign into the members only section using your on-line login. While I do use this app almost every day, I can't honestly call it one of my "favourite" apps. Despite this, I thought it was worth mentioning for anyone considering either Slimming world, or using the app to aid in their weight loss. Free to download on Android and Apple devices.

I have used "the pill" as part of my birth control strategy for almost four years now, PillReminder has helped me keep on track! Definitely one for the Ladies...

Allowing you to choose which pill you are using, you can set the date you started your current pack and what time of day you like to take it. Once set up the app dutifully reminds you every day, at your chosen time and with your ring tone of choice, to pop your pill. Works well but crashes constantly. Free on Android.


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