Wednesday, 27 February 2013

February's 365/30: 9/28 What are your favourite guilty pleasure foods?

9.What are your favourite guilty pleasure foods?

As most of you know, I am both a crazy Vegetarian and a member of Slimming World. Both have had a considerable impact on my life, the food I eat and how I think about food in general. There are however, a few little indulgences that fit in with both aspects of my diet, and help to keep me sane.

Caffe Nero Giant Coin
Weighing in at a Vegetarian (but sadly not Vegan) friendly 6.5 syns, the giant chocolate coin is just enough chocolate to keep cravings at bay, without ruining my diet. The size probably contributes to a placebo effect of sorts, making me think I've got a lot more chocolate than I actually do. If eaten slowly with a large cup of strong black coffee, I can really enjoy this cheeky treat.

Mug Shots
The sweet & sour, tomato & basil, and chinese style varieties of Mug Shot are both Vegetarian friendly, and completly free on Slimming World's Green and Extra Easy plans. Not disimmilar to a pot noodle; mixing the packets up in your favourite mug and leisurely munching whilst relaxing or working, really helps keep hunger and comfort cravings at bay whilst on a diet. For as little as 30p (0.45 USD) each, they're perfect for stocking up on & taking to work or on long trips.

Alpen Light Bars
Another device used to keep me sane; counting as a B on a Green or Extra Easy day, Alpen Light bars are what I keep in my handbag for hunger emergencies. If you're having a really bad day, you could eat 7 of these bad boys (on a Green Day), using both of your As and Bs and all 15 of your daily syns (each bar counts as 3 syns). I wouldn't recommend it, but the option is there if it's just been one of those days.

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