Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A Peek at Percy the Personal Portland

Try saying that three times fast!

As I’ve mentioned previously, myself and Percy have a strange relationship at the moment. His set up is bulky and in desperate need of refinement. As you’ll see form the following images, I have quite a few tabs, most of which lack true definition but I feel obliged to include whilst finding my filofax feet. I’m already considering adding to the collection with a finances tab!

Despite the apparent short comings of my current set up, we’re working well together. He looks after all my important day to day information, and I remember to keep him safely by my side in case I need him. Owning a filofax is a bit like owning a handbag-dog, isn’t it? Except it’s easier to write in a filofax than on a tiny dog.

Hopefully you’ll find the same enjoyment in perusing through the next few images that I do in using him :)

Front cover.
Back cover.
Sturdy, yet flexible, popper.
Quite a chunk! Luckily the tabs aren't effected by the closing mechanism.
Even with pens I'm able to close him easily.
I'm lucky enough to have two rulers for my Portland. As you can see here, one serves partially to highlight how much extra paper I carry around! Surely I don't need to have 2013 in there already?
Font interior. He sits wonderfully flat, no matter what surface I put him on. the interior zipped pocket is brilliant for keeping accessories to my graphics tablet safe & together.
Back interior. Six card pockets and a large flap provides plenty of storage space for important information, like my ID and receipts for work.
My tabs don't exactly 'flow' in a way I've seen others execute so effortlessly. However, it's surprisingly easy to navigate in a hurry.
Here you can see my A-Z contact tabs more clearly. In contrast to the rest of my filofax, these are pathetically skinny.
The money shot.

If you're lucky enough to stumble across one of these, I highly recommend picking it up! the leather is butter soft, ages well, and has enough flexibility to cater to those who like to over feed their planners.

However, I think mine may have to go on a diet soon...


  1. percy truly looks like butter. Shiny and soft and I totally want to touch it and squeeze it and feel it and love it and ... Wow ;)

  2. Portlands are wonderful organisers. I loved mine!