Friday, 23 November 2012

The Mystery Binder of Batiste

Those of you who live in the UK might be familiar with the new adverts for the Batiste brand of dry shampoo. Personally, I've been well acquainted with the brand since my too-lazy-to-get-up-early-enough-to-wash-my-hair student days.

I noticed a cheeky inclusion of a mystery binder about 13 seconds in...

We get it; she's young, she's sassy, she's the target audience of filofax's new 'fashionable' range of binders and they don't care who knows it.

I'm not sure whether this binder was specially made for the ad, or whether it's available to the public. Either way, it's cute, and I'm sure it would go down really well with the female members of the filofax community.


  1. It's a Pink Botanic, not been on sale for a year or two, but you can still get the green pocket in France


  2. I have that filofax!!
    I got it when I was 14 :)