Sunday, 25 November 2012

Festive feelings

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, unless your a vegetarian like me and you're hoping to stumble across a particularly juicy looking butter nut squash to stuff!

It’s officially one whole month until the big day. All your carefully laid plans come together, families are gathering around the western world, and the presents you have so lovingly wrapped are torn open with all the care of a honey badger on his third espresso!

I’m… almost done. Almost. I do love the process of planning and purchasing presents for other people. What is the point in working for money, if you can’t spend it on the ones you love?

I’ve already wrapped up a little bit of filofax love for someone, and dropped a not-so-subtle hint to my younger sister about the magenta flex I ogled previously this week. She did ask what I wanted! I didn’t sneak up and stick an advert to her forehead.

Speaking of filofax love, I’m exceptionally grateful to Philofaxy for featuring several of my posts this week on their “Web Finds - 24th November 2012”. My hit counter has never looked the same was since!

As an extra bit of love, and as it’s the end of the week, I’m including a photo of this weeks diary entries. Feel free to recoil in horror at the scrawl that is my handwriting. Don’t worry, next week is the first week with my newly implemented notes page, so hopefully it wont look so much like the leavings of a pigeon coop!
Do you like my festive addition to the background?

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