Thursday, 22 November 2012

Weirdo Wednesday's late night shuffle

Yesterday was an exceptionally weird day.

I witnessed a women publicly harass a Barista in my local Caffe Nero over something about her son and the Barista having a bad break up, and her taking a disliking to the gory aftermath being broadcast all over facebook. I didn’t catch all the details as I had a hot Americano in my hand, but no matter what it was, she was more than wrong to bring a petty internet squabble into the Barista’s place of work.

The young girl handled herself exceptionally well, explaining calmly to the woman that she was on CCTV and that she was more than happy to get her manager if she so wished. An excellent piece of customer service if you ask me; it’s not all about keeping up that smile, it’s about knowing what to do when confronted by a potentially dangerous individual. You have to keep yourself, and your regular customers, safe.

Mini lesson in customer service aside, I and Percy had a bit of a shuffle round last night. It was definitely a bad move lugging 2013 around whilst there’s still so much of 2012 to enjoy… and if the Mayans are right, I won’t need it anyway! I've also added a finances section from the retro set I previously cannibalised, moved my addresses and added much needed note pages to the remainder of my calendar.

As you can see the new arrangement flows a lot nicer, though the notes tab is a bit hidden by the bottom of the address list.

Despite the ninja notes tab, this new set up creates a clear division between my planner and creative section.

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