Monday, 26 November 2012

Collins card holders

I was able to make my way into an alternative town to my regular selection today, meaning I could rifle through the shelves of different stationery shops!

Stationery Plus, whose shop is far better than their website, is a lovely little stationery shop that does not sell any filofax products! While I initially considered this a bad business move, the proprietor explained to me that they choose Collins over filofax because they are far cheaper and popular amongst the book binders/writers their customer base is mainly made of.

I had a play with some of the articles on display (you can always judge the quality of a binder when they choose to lock the pens up instead) and I must say that I wasn't that impressed. The leather feels cheap and the rings are odd shapes, they did however have a pleasant  amount of pockets and hidey-holes for all your stickers and cards.

While I wouldn't be disappointed if I were to receive one of these, I would probably keep going back to the slightly higher priced luxury of my filofax.

That said, WH Smiths has an incredible sale on Pocket Maldens; £15!... I want one :(

Back to the point of this post; cheapo card holders, 18 for £3.23.

The packaging is very filofax-ish, as you can see.

The angled edges and semi-punched holes are a noticeable difference to the higher priced alternative.

While they do fit inside a personal, they are ever so slightly wider than the norm & the holes are a bit in the snug side.

The messy aftermath of forcing the pockets onto the rings. It reminds me of breaking in new inserts for A2 presentation binders. Difficult and dangerous if rushed.

I can not recommended these pockets for your presentation or favourite binder. They're difficult, flimsy, have an oddly toxic smell to them and aren't exactly business card size as the fit is exceptionally snug. They do serve a purpose however, and are more affordable than the super brand alternative. If, like me, you've maybe spent a little too much on filofax accessories recently, this may be an addition for you.

I plan on keeping receipts in mine.

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