Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Hello! Bonjour! Guten Tag!

As with every potentially great blog there is the obligatory opening post. A little bit awkward, a little bit unsure, but full of hope for something that can bring enjoyment to all those who happen upon it.

Welcome to filofaximile! My name is Emma and I hope to bring to you, within future posts, a little insight onto my interpretation of the filofax and binder organisation world. I stumbled upon Philofaxy a matter of days ago, after I obtained an old Personal Portland form my father, and was curious to how I could use this new (to me) device to my advantage.

Coming from a design background and having a perpetual passion for stationary that comes with such territory, I've found it to be a constructive outlet for my addiction, and a brilliant asset for organising my creative life around my day job. If only I had discovered the delights of binders in my university days; my purse would have been lighter, but I would have been a damn sight more organised!

I wish us both luck in the coming weeks. Hopefully I'll remember to keep posting (thanks to my trusty Portland) and you'll develop/keep an interest in my writing :)

As the great Mr. Miyagi used to say, "Fax-on, fax-off!"

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