Friday, 30 November 2012

Diary-style Phone Case

I'm hoping to upgrade my mobile phone within the next week or so, with the Galaxy Note 2 being my first choice if I can squeeze a good deal out of the seller.

Please note that I do not own this video.
This sort of phone case appears to be the perfect companion to any purse/binder set up; giving you extra storage for your cards and protecting your phone at the same time. However, I am concerned by the, "The leather scratches very easily." line. It isn't made clear whether the leather itself scratches, or if it scratches your phone. Not something I like to be left in the dark about when spending £50+ on  phone case.

If I were to go for a compact Pennybridge in the future, I think that this behemoth of a phone would fit nicely inside its inner pockets and receive better protection than the Zenus can offer.

Just another reason to keep looking for one :p

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