Saturday, 24 November 2012

Magenta temptation

Is it bad that I've been eyeing the A5 filofax flex in magenta? They're 30% off at a local stationers, and I'm exceptionally tempted! Purely for the portable & protected note/sketch book aspects, I don't think I need another calendar right now. I just think it would make a perfect creative space (and hidey-hole for slim-line gadgets). My exceptionally fabulous boyfriend kindly going shopping with me today. While he is my voice of reason, his powers of persuasion are sometimes not strong enough. There was an unloved, and slightly damaged, A5 Domino in lavender giving me the eye last week for a mere £17.50. If that calls to me again, what do I do if he can't keep me away from it, and I fall completely for the flex!? It really has begun D: Due to bad weather, we didn't venture out into the dangerous world of temptation. You are safe for another day Domino!

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