Thursday, 20 December 2012

A disappointing delivery

My pocket london organiser arrived from Ebay today. I'm not angry about its "like new" condition. Just disappointed.
The ribg mechanism is almost completely separated from the interiou apoulstry (if that's an appropreate term to use) and is starting to pull away from the spine.

On the bright side the rings themselves are sturdy, and the exterior leather is loved but good.

I left neutral feedback as I didn't pay the earth for it, but I didn't recive a product in the condition I was promised.

You live and learn I guess.

If anyone has any ideas on how to salvage the binder, I would be very grateful. Right now I'm considering wood glue to reinforce the spine. The ligning could be tricky though; it may need to be completely redone.


  1. You were told that is "like new"? I would be furious. Anyhoo, wood glue sounds like a good idea.

  2. Honestly, i would ask for a refund. It doesn't matter if you didn't pay much for it, they listed a like new item and you should have received a like new item. :/ How very disappointing!

  3. If I received a product which was "like new" and was falling apart, I would leave negative feedback and ask for at least a partial refund. The seller should know better. I hope you're able to salvage it.