Sunday, 2 December 2012

Keeping Miss. Kendal

I've had a dirty little secret for the past few weeks... I am not a one filo-woman. I actually have three, but the third will have to wait for another time. Today, I'm talking about Miss. Kendal...

That's right, HALF PRICE BABY! I'm so glad I stumbled across this gem in WHSmith, I would have never been able to afford it at it's full price! Ok, even half price was a bit of a stretch, but I would have kicked myself if I'd passed up the opportunity to own this sexy little number.

Isn't she a cheeky little minx? Despite being made from the skin of a dead animal, she smells gorgeous! Though my sister did comment on a slight chemical edge to the scent.

 The only down side to finding this lovely is that she was straight off the shelf, meaning that every Tom, Dick & Harry was able to mess with her before I came to her rescue. For the price, I can live with the mild damage she sustained whilst in filofax purgatory. With a little bit of love and leather treatment I should be able to reduce, if not completely remove, her marks and scars.

Corner scuff.

Odd mark on clasp strap.

Dent near popper, clearly caused by improper popper use.

Dent on front cover.

These are all marks and battle scars I would have probably given her in the first week or so of use. I guess their presence takes the edge off the sacred new toy aura. Still haven't written in her though...

Her interior will have to wait for another day as I am writing this exceptionally late, the night before an early start and a long journey to Wales; the land of the rain. Suffice to say Percy will be accompanying me as my travelling companion. Whilst beautiful, Miss. Kendal is a bit of a lump to carry cross country. I feel that her true place is at my desk... if I had one that is.

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