Saturday, 22 December 2012

The Perfect Present

After my call to arms the other day I had some exceptionally helpful suggestions from Philofaxy's Steve and unrelated to Philofaxy Emma E, in the comments section.

I used my sneaky ninja powers on a shopping trip to subtly analyse her (my Brother's Girlfriend) preferences and thoughts towards colour, size, storage space, etc. and I was able to secure something that I think she'll be really happy with. Thanks to a closing down sale it was even less than the prices you guys quoted! I really have been far too lucky with those recently.

I'm avoiding saying too much as there is a chance she may stumble across this and spoil everything, but I'll set something up for after the big day and let you know how it was received.

In other news, I found the exceptionally messy stash of filofax goodies in my nearest TKMaxx. Unfortunately the prices were far from what I was expecting, e.g. the Pocket Adelphi for £34.99 and pocket flexes for more than they are in the Stationery Cupboard. There was however, a gorgeous black Compact Cuban for £24.99 and a mini Chameleon for £19.99, both of which I had to drag myself away from! Most of what was on offer was either damaged or dirty. I really can't understand how a shop can take such little care of their products. Primark is messy, but their stock is rarely dirty.

I hope everyone's enjoying the final push to Christmas. Yule yesterday was a gorgeous day; even though I was unable to attend a ceremony due to work, I was able to listen to BBC Radio Wiltshire covering the celebrations in Stonehenge and Avebury. The world also didn't end, so there's plenty to be glad about over the weekend, despite the rain :)

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