Friday, 7 December 2012

Ebay foul play

Over past few days I have been trying to obtain a Pocket Portland to compliment Percy.

The first I lost due to my previous phone flatly refusing to allow me to increase my bid. The second I lost tonight due to some...person, waiting for the very last second to snatch it from my grasp.

To whom ever won that Pocket Portland: you Sir/Madam are now held in my lowest regard. You are a true blaggard and a rotter.

I hope it has at least gone to a good home, even if the new owner isn't my best friend right now. Fill it with stickers and post-its of beauiful colours, keep your life within its pages and show it all the love it deserves.

I think I best smother my bitterness in chocolate before it gets out of hand :p


  1. It wasn't me..... just saying..... ;-)

  2. It wasn't me either!

    I'm sorry you missed out on the Portland. If you're interested, there is a pocket Mulberry ostrich in red at the moment on ebay. A good trick is to increase your maximum bid so the automated system hopefully sees off those last minute swoopers!

    I got fed up losing out, so my ebay strategy now is to place my one and only bid within the last 5 seconds so that nobody (except the automated bidding system) has the chance to react. I have strict limits on what I am prepared to pay, and if I don't win the item, it's no loss as I wouldn't have paid more anyway!

    Happy ebaying! I'm sure you'll find what you want soon.