Sunday, 23 December 2012

Downloads now available!

I've finally worked out how to provide you guys with download links for my .pdf and .doc files! Hopefully this time we won't have any indecent pictures popping up in the process. I am still really sorry about that.

You may view all I have to offer on my Downloads page. I've also fixed the download links on my Trifold Personal Templates post. I'm yet to ask Steve about putting them on Philofaxy; I'm tempted to leave it until the new year as he's very busy at the moment, dressing up in red and white whisking filofaxes far and wide.

Let me know if you have any problems with downloading anything and, as always, I'm more than happy to receive any requests/suggestions for future tutorials and documents you would like to see.


  1. Hello Emma
    Shall I put in links to the files....from the Philofaxy Files page?

    1. If you wouldn't mind :) I had a comment a while ago about putting them on your site, but I wasn't aware of the right way to go about it.

      If they don't meet the standard of your other files, please let me know and I'll spruce them up ASAP.

    2. If you look on the files page I also link to Ray's files as well, I will do it the same way. Then if you change anything, you don't have to remember to send me stuff etc. As long as the file name is the same then it will be fine.

      Alternatively if you do a post with the details of each file then I can link to the post.


    3. Links added to:


    4. You truly are a Wizard!

      Cheers Steve :)