Saturday, 29 December 2012

Catching Chester

I think the filofax bug may be contagious, as my Dad came home with this beauty earlier this week:

Quite a few nail marks and wearing around the middle.

Originally sold in 1995 (I think) this Personal Chester has seen better days, but it's clear that it has been loved and clutched tight in its hay day. Even in it's current state, I thought they'd want more than £2.50 for a classic like this.

The back is in a similar state to the front: severely 'loved'.

In personal size, and this condition, it will be perfect for my Dad's work bag.

Inside the storage space is minimal, with card slots similar to those in a Metropol.

It has received a bit of treatment to the grey-ish nubuck since we've had it, revealing that it has almost been completely worn out. Who ever owned this last really put it to work! At over 15 years old, I'm really impressed that both the leather and the rings have survived such punishment. If only newer models of filofax were as sturdy, they'd have a lot less returns.

Speaking of returns; I wonder whether I'm ever going to see my Pennybridge.

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  1. I love Vintage binders. Seeing them in all their pre-loved glory.