Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Call to arms: The hunt for a filo!

I have a mission, as of today...

Find the most totally awesome, cute and functional filofax posaible for £20!

My brother's girlfriend is a fellow filofaxer and is looking for one to use on her Psychology course. Personal is the target size, as it's a good combination of size and portability, she's not too bothered about card slots, and she takes a metric ton of notes, so a place for extra note paper is a must! Also, no zipps... maybe on the inside.

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated. I'm really excited about this, so I'm starting my search tomorrow! I do love spreading the filofax joy!

Hopefully I won't come back with another one for myself...


  1. Metropol


  2. My 12 year old got a personal domino which came with some good inserts like a timetable and I think financial, things that didnt come with my chameleon that might be useful for uni/college.

  3. Metropol in Kingfisher Blue for £19.60 on the WHSmith website ...