Thursday, 6 December 2012


As yesterday's post was so short, I thought I'd elaborate on the subject a bit.

Yesterday afternoon was the first time I've legitimately encountered a fellow filofaxer in the wild, as it were. I must have resembled a startled deer with the way my attention suddenly shifted to the sweet sound of, "Sorry, do you have any 2013 inserts for a filofax?" (A commonly unknown fact is that, by law,  75% of all British sentences must begin with an apology).

I wanted to help her. To shout, "No! But they do have some shockingly rubbish own brand inserts with too many holes."

I wanted to look closer at the shiny pink personal something she had safely tucked under her arm, rifle through its pages and maybe steal a few of her organisation ideas.

Alas, the polite British girl within me held my tongue, but it was a wonderful moment.

Is this what every meeting with a fellow faxer feels like?


In other news, I've realised that failed to give me an estimated delivery date on my pennybridge. Can anyone hazzard a guess at how long I should be expecting to wait for this thing? I don't know how much more pacing my carpet can take!

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