Saturday, 15 December 2012

Mini Mission

I recently made a short post on finding bargains whilst not necessarily looking for one.

I've had a cheeky bargain up my sleeve for around a moth now, but have failed to mention it due to one annoying reason: lack of direction.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon a loved, but sparsely used, Mini Metropol in my local Oxfam for the grand sum of 99p! I didn't know what I would use it for, nor did I particularly need it at the time, but could you pass up an opportunity like that?

Apart from a small scuff mark (or possible imperfection in the leather) and a mild smell of tobacco, it's in excellent condition. However, for some strange reason, it's exceptionally difficult to photograph. Maybe it's the colour? Maybe it's cursed? Either way, I apologise for the fuzzy state of the photographs to follow.

As I mentioned earlier, I kept this little discovery under my hat due to my total failure to find a purpose for it. I've tried tracking my work hours and spending with it, but Percy handles both jobs already. I've stocked it out with WHSmith tab dividers and filofax to do, finance and note pages, but so far inspiration is yet to strike. I'm tempted to turn it into a travel companion, with maps, timetables, my rail card, etc. but I'm concerned about the ledgability of the mini sizes underground maps. Being able to read that map is pretty much a deal breaker.

I've not come across many mini users, or rather many filofax users who admit to using a mini. This is understandable, as the size is a bit fiddly to get to grips with; even for someone with hands as small as mine!

Hopefully, now that I've gone live with this munchkin, someone out there will be struck with inspiration and be able to help me out. Fingers crossed...

It's a lot more inflated than my Portland.

Scuff or a flaw? Either way, I'm not really bothered by it.

The clasp, and rings, are in excellent condition, if a little grubby.

I do love the quality of the branding in all my filos :)

Interior: I've found the built in card slots to be too snug when full.
I've added a card folder, just in case.
The rear mesh pocket would be good for a tiny notebook.



  1. Bargain! I have only one Filofax so far, inspired by a blogger who found a personal urban in a charity shop for £2. Unfortunately I spent a bit more than that in TK Maxx but very happy with it!

    1. I've not found any in my local TKMaxx yet. Which section did you look in?

      Charity shops seem to be a goldmine at the momene, as long as you don't mind a few 'love marks'.

  2. In TK Maxx they were upstairs on a stand on its own and if you have a Homesense they were in there, by the till and also upstairs with the stationery. They are reduced in price now, I went and got an A5 Flex today which was £6.

  3. I have a lovely turquoise Topaz mini and, too, have not found a noble purpose for it. So, I keep it in my car in a little catch-all, easy-access storage area under the radio. Essentially, it's a way to make it easy for me to find pen AND paper when I have pressing notes to write at red lights!

  4. Congratulations on your find! I've never seen any at a charity shop.
    I've used both a mini Classic & Finsbury as a diary plus wallet, but eventually sold them as it was much too fiddly getting change out.

    Have you come across Getting Things Done? I just think this size would be a handy size to capture thoughts & ideas as you have them.
    More info here, if you're interested:

  5. Thank you for such a fun post. I use a mini for my personal organizer. I use separate larger Filofaxes for work and another at home for projects, but the mini is my personal planner and is in constant use. He stays in my purse at all times, and because of its lovely size he fits nicely in my smaller handbags as well. I have also used a pocket size in this same manner but I've downsized into the mini because I love its size - the Pocket is significantly larger! I agree coins are fiddly in the minis, so I use a separate slim leather coin purse. I have several minis, I rotate through them based on mood, season, etc. If it doesn't suit you as a full-time wallet, maybe you'd use it as a companion to wallet and it could carry store/loyalty cards, receipts, stamps, photos, etc. and note papers, as already suggested. : )