Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Unwrapping the present!

Merry Christmas filofaxers! You'll be glad to know that I scheduled this post a few days ago so I wouldn't have to disturb the day.

After all the help I received form my call to arms I though it would be rude to leave you in the dark over how it went.

I took your advice and went for a Personal Metropol in Lavender:

Isn't she lovely?
In an odd stroke of luck, my local Staples was having a closing down sale, so all the filofaxes and filofax accessories were 50% off! I could have walked away with so much more than I did, but I exercised all the restraint I could muster... which isn't much, as you'll see.

I resisted taking my own photographs as I wanted it to be in the best possible condition it could be, so the one above is from the filofax website. Credit where credit's due.
The size is portable, the colour feminine and muted so it won't be a distraction during lengthy lectures, and the back mesh pocket is perfect for extra note taking space. I was able to sneakily get her thoughts on the style and colour whilst out Christmas shopping last Saturday, using binders from Paperchase and TKMaxx as examples. Until today, she doesn't know what we've bought her (we decided to give it to her as a family) and I'm really excited to find out how she feels about it.

The binder only had a 2012 diary in it, which does that she will be able to dive straight into it before new year, but I picked up a 2013 diary as well and tucked the panda stickers inside as a cute bonus. I really wish my sister didn't look upon my filofaxes with so much disdain, I think she could make an amazing recipe book out of an A5 domino.

As well as the lavender, I picked up a personal one of these bad boys:
Even filofax can't capture the Kingfisher's true colour.

Yes, I've replaced Percy. Even though I still adore him, and using him, he (technically) doesn't really belong to me. He's as old as I am, and if I damaged him I would feel terrible, even though he was only £2.50 in a charity shop when my Dad found him.

The main draw was the colour. It's just to vibrant and full of joy, it makes me happy just looking at it. I've already set him up and we're getting along just fine... I'm working on the card slots. The Paperchase A-Z tabs look really good on the inside, continuing the cheerful vibe. I'll let you know more in the coming days.

I hope everyone is enjoying their day and hasn't drank too much, yet.

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